Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Party!


Today is the day of our big Halloween party. This morning we set out lots of fun Halloween centres for the kids to visit and ran 3 Halloween themed circle times. This afternoon will feature a visit to the haunted house followed by some trick-or-treating.

A lot of our centres today are focused on sensory play. We have some sparkly black play-doh with Halloween cookie cutters. This was made using the recipe from this post but instead of a specific colour of food colouring we just dumped in the whole box.

Some creepy crawlies in orange Jell-O has been a slimy and messy hit with the little hands.

There's pumpkins that can be scooped and then decorated.

Shaving cream with orange paint for squishing, drawing in, or even painting onto paper.

Pumpkins and bats to be decorated and taken home.

We also have lots of squishy sensory buckets for the haunted house. With the lights off the kids won't be able to see that they are reaching into Jell-O instead of slime, or picking up peeled grapes and not gross eye balls, the cold macaroni feels almost like brains. We're very excited to give them a gross little fright after lunch.

The Cat in the Hat, Thing 1, and Thing 2 (formerly known as the ED team) would like to wish you and your family a Happy Halloween! :)

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