Friday, 1 November 2013


Theme rotation is happening downstairs today. Come Monday, we will have a brand new November theme to play with and explore.
Our number board is complete for this month though. So today, we introduce you to the number 3.

The concept behind the number board is all about exposure to a new number each month. We try to represent the number in all the ways that our kids may come across it in their daily play or school activities.  This board will (hopefully!) target all the levels that our kiddos are currently at with their numeracy skills. Some of them will be extremely adept and will benefit from the addition in the upper left corner while others will be working at identifying their numbers and can see the big yellow 3 and pair it with the hand showing three on the opposite side. We have a couple that might be able to read "t-h-r-e-e" and a lot that are practicing counting using one to one correspondence so they will benefit from elephants, base ten cubes, and tallies.

The board is just a visual exposure that our staff can use to spark a conversation about the number. When we pair it with songs like Three Blind Mice, or stories like The Three Little Pigs, we can allow out kids to learn through multi-sensory play and interaction. This will help them establish a greater understanding and stronger meaning of their numbers.

How many ways can you think of representing the number 3?

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