Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Friendship Wreath

Today, during the circle portion of Kids Club we started practicing the singing the “Reindeer Pokey” for our performance at our Christmas party. The children did a great job participating by doing the actions. It was somewhat familiar because last week the children were practicing the original “Hokey Pokey”. Each child wore a set of reindeer antlers, which was very cute!!

We read a book about painting called "We Are Painting" as a fun transition into our fun painting craft. During the book I tried to engage each of the children by asking them questions or give them a direction (e.g., “What color?”, “What doing?”, or “Show me the..?”).
Then during craft the children put on paint shirts and got to get a little messy. They each choose a color and stamped each of their friend’s paper wreaths. They turned out great!!

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  1. No wonder my kid joined in with me tonight in singing the hokie pokie!!! Thanks!!!