Monday, 4 November 2013

All About Me!

Our November theme is All About Me!

This month our classrooms will focus on activities, games, toys, and lessons that teach the kids what makes each of them special and unique. We are starting out by talking about body parts and identifying personal characteristics but will also explore concepts of preferences and activities and even differences in each of our families. Over the next month we hope to help our kiddos learn how to identify all of what makes them so special.

We have changed over the toys and added some fun new activities to help explore the new theme.

Our sensory table is full of beads of all shapes, colours, and sizes. Our kiddos can search for a tiny person that shares their hair colour, the first letter of their name, or a handful of beads that they find appealing.

We have a self-portrait studio where the kids can use a mirror to examine their features and then re-create what they see on the artist's easel.

Our imaginary play area has been turned into a dentist/doctor's office where we can learn about health and self-care.

And we have doll's and houses galore for the kids to explore different roles (mom, dad, baby, etc.) and play.

It's going to be a fun month learning all about ourselves!

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