Monday, 25 November 2013

D is for Drawing... on the windows

Last week I walked into one of our classrooms to find something amazing all over the windows.

 In a previous post we talked a little bit about Animated Literacy and how we use a multi-sensory approach to expose the kids to letters and how to read, write, and pronounce them. One of our kiddos and his staff chose to explore the letter D using window markers. Window markers are great because they are a) super motivating, when else can you draw on the window? and b) super washable.

This little guy showed us what a smarty he is by imitating a drawings of a dinosaur and dog and then independently drawing a dog the next day (you can see his work in the black). He also practiced printing the letter "D," amazing!

The green dinosaur and blue dog were drawn by our staff. She used simple shapes to demonstrate how they can be used together to create a whole picture. You can also see that she printed the word "Dinosaur" clearly for our kiddo to copy, his version contains all the letters but is a little more abstract to the right of his dinosaur. Skills like printing in a line, correctly spacing letters, and printing in an appropriate size will all come along but for now we are celebrating the success of a smattering of letters, dinosaurs, and dogs all over the STA windows.

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