Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A trick-or-treating sneak peak...

Wednesdays are paper work days at STA. We do home programming for half the day and then give our staff a chance to catch up on their paper work and sign practice for the other half. With no kiddos in the building these days can be a little more boring than the fun and excitement that we are used to. This Wednesday has been extra entertaining upstairs though. With Halloween less than a day away the consultants have been taking some time to decorate offices and get in the spirit.

Tomorrow afternoon, after visiting the Haunted House and doing the Monster Mash one last time, all our little trick-or-treaters will get to come upstairs and show off their Halloween skills by trick-or-treating around the offices.

Let's face it, the best part of Halloween for most kids is the part where you get all dressed up and venture out into the cold Calgary autumn to collect candy and treats from your neighbors. For our kids that can be a really complicated and confusing. There are a lot of social rules that aren't normally used and for parents it can become quite the ordeal. We give the kids the opportunity to practice before the big night so that they will understand concepts like waiting on the step (as opposed to going inside like they normally might), yelling "Trick or Treat!" (rather than knocking or ringing the doorbell), and receiving treats but not eating them immediately.

Of course, having the kids visit the offices in all of their costumes will be just as enjoyable for the consultants as it will be for the kiddos. We're all very excited to see what they show up as tomorrow.

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