Friday, 25 October 2013

Haunted House

Open the door and step inside the STA Haunted House!

 We've been hard at work creating a spooky surprise room for the kiddos at STA. Going along with our theme of Halloween we decided to make a Haunted House. The kids will have the opportunity to go through with their Kids Club groups leading up to our Halloween party next week when everyone will get to visit it for a fright before going Trick-or-Treating at the offices.

We've found lots of plastic Jack-o-lanterns to put around the dark room. They provide some light and also let the kids interact with smiling pumpkins before the big day.

There are some creepy (plastic) animals hanging from the ceiling and crawling along the floor.
We've even got a spooky spiders nest. This is a book/toy shelf that has been draped in cotton batting and white Christmas lights and then filled with plastic spiders of all sizes. It will likely also feature some sensory play and exploration for the Halloween party next week.

We used some room dividers, sheets, and balloons to make a small labyrinth for the kids to explore.



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