Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year, New Crayons

Happy New Year!!

Today was our first day back from the winter break and it was a good one. Two full weeks off gave our kiddos (and staff!!) a much needed break to relax and unwind from a busy fall. The best part about our first day back was that it was like a first day again. All the old toys became new after two weeks of neglect.

Today, we also made the old crayons new again with a crafty little science experiment that a couple of kiddos did.

First we collected all of the old, broken crayons that were in our craft boxes, offices, and classrooms. We peeled them and rubbed off any extra glue which turned out to be great fine motor practice for the little fingers.

Next, we took all of our broken pieces and sorted them into colour coded and labeled cups - great practice for sorting, colour identification, and reading!

Then, and this is always my favourite part, we took a few of this colour and a couple of that colour and put them into a muffin pan as carefully designed groups.

All of this went into the oven for about 10 minutes at 350ยบ so we played a game and read a quick story. When we went back to check on the crayons we talked about how they used to be solid but were turning to liquid because they were heating up.

When all the crayon pieces melted into a nice liquid with uniform consistency we put the whole thing into the freezer to cool down and once solid popped them right out of the pan.

Now we have this beautiful assortment of rainbow crayons to choose from. Way better than throwing out all of those old, small pieces.

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