Tuesday, 21 January 2014


The last weeks of our winter theme are upon us, it feels like this one has gone forever as we had a break right in the middle. This week we're talking all about mittens in Kids Club. Our craft is a good one, one of my personal favourites so far. We're making our own patterned mittens!

We start by each kiddo picking a colour for their mittens. Our paper is all folded in half and pre-cut into the shape of a mitten thanks to our wonderful EITs. The kids each paint one half of their paper, or one mitten.

Once the painting is done we fold the mittens in half, press them all over, then open up and have 2 matching mittens. A perfect pair.

Cut the paper in half and add some string as a finishing touch and these one of a kind mittens are ready to take home!

We've also been reading The Mitten by Jan Brett.

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