Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Transportation Station

We, like everyone else in Calgary right now, are a little over this ridiculous winter that we've been having. We decided to switch things up a little early and yesterday, during our staff PD day, we did a full theme rotation in our classroom. Out with the snowy winter and in with transportation!
This theme comes with a full toy rotation as well, every toy that was on a shelf in our classrooms went back downstairs and we brought out a ton of new transportation toys to play and learn with.

The biggest hit of the morning was this Hot Wheels ramp that we mounted on a classroom wall. There was lots of arm-flapping, giggling, and excitement, and that was just from the staff! I saw some awesome stuff happening with these ramps - lots of independent turn-taking and spontaneous commenting and conversations with peers.

One of our sensory tables has been turned into a water table with boats. This will be very exciting for the kiddos that missed water play so much last month. We'll also be featuring this water table in a cute new craft very soon.

Every room features at least one floor mat with roads, rails, and rivers.

This floor mat has been paired with parking structures and some very cool ramps.

Our second sensory table has been filled with moon sand and construction vehicles for the kids to dig, push, and pile the sand. You can also make pretty cool tracks in the sand with the tires and belts on the trucks.

Our book shelves got a make-over too. This month features plenty of transportation related material plus the occasional lovey-dovey valentine book as well.


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