Friday, 20 December 2013

Santa Claus is coming

It's the last day of programming before Christmas break and everyone is ready for a little time off, especially the wee ones. We set up a lot of fun Christmas craft centres for them to play at during the day to make the last day of STA in 2013 an extra fun one. In the Sun Room kids are creating snowmen, this afternoon we'll have a facilitated craft time to decorate some Christmas trees, but the Tree Room is my absolute favourite - Santa and his Reindeer!

The kids start by cutting out and gluing Santa and his sleight to a piece of paper. Next, they paint their hands brown (it's a little cleaner if they get some help on this step).

They make as many hand stamps as they can, fingers down and thumbs away from Santa. This kiddo has big hands so he could only fit on three.

White paint and finger pokes are added to make falling snow.

And with the finishing touches of eyes, antlers, reins, and a red pom pom nose Santa is on his way!

These kids are extra lucky today, some little elves set up a surprise to jump around in downstairs.

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