Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Gingerbread Men!

Our Kids Club craft this week is little paper gingerbread men. We've pre-cut all the shapes and provide the kiddos with glue, glitter, buttons, and googly eyes to create their own. It's been very interesting to see what they come up with based on the model that we've created. Some of them look surprised, others look very worried. This craft lets the kids practice their fine motor skills by picking up and placing buttons and googly eyes, they develop hand strength with the glue, and co-ordination skills with the glitter.

After craft, we've been taking advantage of the nice weather (especially after last week and the deep freeze, brrrrr!) and going for a winter walk to the mailbox where the kids each get to practice sending a letter to Santa. On the way they can pick up snow and make snow balls and even build a snowman!

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