Friday, 13 December 2013

Candy Cane Ornaments

Our STA Christmas tree got a little sprucing up with some kid-made decorations from Kids Club this week. It was beautiful before but we think it looks even better now!

We took some old puzzles that were missing pieces and no fun to play with anymore and spray painted them red and white. Then we had the kids glue together all of the pieces in an alternating pattern. We finished them off with some green ribbon and a jingle bell and then hung them on the tree. With puzzle pieces being the symbol that represents Autism it's an extra nice Christmas-y touch to our decorations.

Not only are these incredibly cute, but they allowed us to practice lots of skills. The kids work on hand strength and control when applying the glue, they practice counting to make sure they have 5 white puzzle pieces and 4 red ones, they get to identify colours, and even recognize and imitate patterns. What an awesome craft to learn with!

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