Monday, 31 March 2014

It's Spring?!

It's hard to tell when you look out the window but it is, in fact, spring time! March came in like a lion and is showing no signs of going out like a lamb so we've had to Spring-ify from the inside out. Over Spring Break we were busy rotating toys and getting the classrooms all set up for the new theme.

Our tree is reflecting what we hope will happen soon, there's no snow! We'll be talking a lot about grass coming back, flowers starting to grow, leaves budding on trees, and the return of our insect friends this month.

The imaginary play area is set up as a garden store so the kids can pretend to plant their own gardens. We have rain boots, rain jackets, gardening gloves, fruits and vegetables, rakes, watering cans, and a little cashier table set up.

We have a sensory table set-up with sand to dig and rake in and lots of bugs to bury and make tracks in the sand with.

The wall has been covered in bees and butterflies so the kids can work on some coordination and strength skills by swatting flies. This one is also great for colour and size identification.
When it's time to change classrooms the kids can hop across the hall following our trail of lily pads and rocks between the Sun Room and Tree Room.

Our dress-up centre has lots of rain jackets and rubber boots. The kids can practice putting on and taking off all of their outside clothes and even target buttons, snaps, and zippers.

The book shelves have all been stocked with a ton of books all about bugs, flowers, baby animals, Easter, and spring.

We've also started with a bit of Easter celebration by setting up our other sensory table as an Easter egg hunt. The kids can work on colour identification and counting and some of the eggs even have surprises in them. We've also put out some nets, baskets, and bunny ears to help them with the hunt.

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