Tuesday, 4 March 2014


March is already here. Crazy. Time seems to go by especially fast at STA with all of things we have going on every day.

With the new month we've brought in another new theme: food. I'm beginning to realize that I say this every month, but our kids really love food and kitchen play so they're enjoying this theme.

We have a small restaurant area set up, complete with STA diner menus! The kids can take turns pretending to be restaurant patrons ordering food, or being waiters serving food. This is great practice for the real world when they go out with their families too as it gives them an opportunity to work through the routine of eating out.

Our sensory table has been drained of water and filled with beans and lentils and all kinds of gardening toys. I also see a zebra in there...

We have some fruit manipulative out for the kiddos who are working on counting, sorting, patterning, or identifying colours.

Our reading corner has been decorated with some giant fruit hanging from the ceiling.

We have this amazing game set up by the OT department, it comes along with some felt fruit bean bags that the kids can try to throw through the holes. Hugh props to Tina who put in a lot of work sewing and designing this.

The imaginary play area has been turned into a grocery store. There's a little cart and shopping baskets that the kids can fill with all kinds of food packaging. We spent the last month saving up boxes and jars that were cleaned out and taped together for this fun area.

And there's this! It's not exactly food themed but we love it anyways. Don, our incredibly handy handyman built us this drawing board. It has two pains of plexi glass in the frame. It allows the kids to draw what they see, draw with a friend on the other side, or create an imaginary scene. It is so cool and everyone, adults included, has been having a lot of fun with it.

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