Monday, 10 February 2014


We're getting all prepped and ready to go for our Valentine's Day party tomorrow. Lot's of pink and red and hearts everywhere.
So let's go in a completely different direction and talk about green slime.

 It's always a blast to do science experiments with the kids, especially when it turns into something as cool as slime. The kiddo that made this loved to hold it up and watch it stretch and ooze. For him, it was thrilling.

To make your own slime all you need is white glue, borax, and warm water. Start by mixing one cup of warm water (hot from the tap, no need to boil it) with half a cup of white glue. If you want your slime to have colour you can add as much food colouring as you'd like once the glue and water are mixed. Then add 1 Tbsp of Borax and continue stirring. You should see a lumpy mass forming in the water, this is your slime. All you need to do next is drain the water and have lots of fun stretching and shaping your new creation.


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