Wednesday, 19 February 2014

License Plates

License plates can be endlessly interesting to the kids in our program. We have a lot of little ones that like to look at, read, and talk about letters and numbers, so how great is it that they are on the back of every car?! When this becomes more of an obsession than interest we try to steer them away by talking about things like the colour of the car, whether the car is moving or not, how many wheels there are, etc. The point of this all being that cars are interesting, they provide lots of different directions of learning or conversation, and license plates can be fun.

SO, in our transportation themed craft wall this month we've had a cute license plate craft for the kids to put together.

We have a license plate pre-made for each kid and the letters of their names printed out. The kiddos are responsible for organizing the letters in their name and gluing them on in order. For some of them this is really easy and only takes a couple of minutes but for a lot it is really great practice with letter identification, spelling their name, applying proper spacing, and working on their gluing skills. For me it was good practice in drawing, tracing, scanning, enlarging, and cutting to get all those license plates done - and a really good indicator that I need to work on my computer skills as I suspect it could have been a lot easier not done by hand. Just goes to show that it's not only the kids that get to learn here...

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