Friday, 29 November 2013

Winter Wonderland

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and at STA we have embraced it whole-heartedly with our new theme! It's winter, the means snow, snow, more snow, and a little bit of Christmas cheer. We've filled our classrooms with everything the kids need to explore the holiday season.

It starts right when you walk in the door with our reception desk all dressed up as a cozy fire place. We have a pretty little Christmas tree and a mailbox set up for letters addressed to a very important person.

Our Tree Room has been decorated with ever more trees to turn it into a coniferous forest, we'll check back to see if any little hands have added decorations to the trees in a little while. Our colour theme this month is white and blue so our easel has been set up to allow the kids to explore those colours with paint.

The sensory table has been re-vamped with cotton balls, styrofoam packaging, and lots of snow flakes.

We have a present wrapping station with lots of paper, tape, scissors, and old shoe boxes for the kids to practice wrapping, and maybe even unwrapping, gifts.

In our imaginary play area the kiddos can choose some fun winter activities to try out. We have icy looking blocks that can be used to build an igloo, a few shovels and some imaginary snow to practice shoveling a sidewalk, and lots and lots of toboggans.

For even more imaginary play we've set up an elf work-shop with aprons, hats, and lots of tools across the hall in the Rainbow Room.

Our special homemade play-doh comes in blue and white for this theme. We've added silver and blue sparkles and some peppermint essential oils to give it an extra frosty sensory experience.

Our Sun Room has turned a little Frosty with a snowman makeover. There are snowballs hanging from the season in our reading nook that's been filled with lots of wintery themed books.

Our OTs came up with this super cute game of snowman bowling.

We even have a snowman themed felt board where the kids can build and then dress up and decorate their very own snowman.

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